Inkscape Tattoo Studio

On Arrival at Inkscape Tattoo Studio here in Bexhill on Sea, a warm greeting, free refreshments and free wi-fi all await you in a very calm and uplifting environment.

Inside Inkscape's all female run studio, adding to the relaxing atmosphere the walls are beautiful hand painted artwork, sparkling and glistening with jewels.
Newcomers who may have any fears or worries of the tattoo procedure are quickly put at ease and filled with confidence. 

Excitement then follows as we want to make sure you get the tattoo you wanted. 

Founded in 2014, customer comfort and care is at the top of the list of priorities in our chilled out studio, located just outside the town centre, about a five minute walk from the train station. We have plenty of free car parking (both on and off road) if you plan on arriving by car and we are fully accessible to wheelchair and mobility scooter users. Click here to contact us or to view a map of our location

Working to very high standards, Inkscape Tattoo Studio have a great reputation for creating unique one off designs according to each clients personal requests. We believe that working with you ensures that you feel involved in every step of the design of your individual and personal tattoo achieving exactly what you wanted if not even better.

There are many different techniques available for each tattoo, whether it be detailed fine line work, shading or dotwork, each option will be discussed depending on the subject matter of the tattoo. When you are completely happy with your finalised tattoo design we then get prepared for the tattoo process. 

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To begin your journey, call us on 

01424 810026

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tattoing at inkscape studio

The Tattoo Process at Inkscape

Once we have finalised the design, it will be will be transferred to your skin using a stencil. At this stage we check together the placement and position on your body. If you wish the stencil to be moved this will then be adjusted to your liking. 

Once we are all happy with the placement of your tattoo. We get tatttooing! Once the tattoo has been completed we will clean away any excess ink for you to have a look at your new tattoo, it will then be wrapped with a surgical Clingfilm like bandage and we will explain to you the aftercare procedure. 

We provide natural healing products with each tattoo and an aftercare leaflet. So when the client leaves they have everything they need to care for their tattoo until fully healed. We are always available for advice and any touch-ups (except hands and feet) are free. 

image of tatooist lou krystahl - lou lou

About Lou Lou

Lou comes from a creative background, from early days of being a young mother she painted on glass, mirror and other mediums as a hobby for 20 years. 

In the last 7 years an interest in tattooing seemed a natural progression moving away from canvas and paint to skin and needles....and putting to use the years of creativity Lou began the process of learning how to tattoo. Seeking advice from London Tattoo studios who were pioneers of the dotwork technique. she then began to learn by tattooing her own leg. In 2014 Lou made the brave and bold decision to open her own studio. Inkscape is the result of that endeavour 

Inkscape has been open now for 5 years and they have created a great reputation for customer service. Many of the tattoo styles on offer here are fine line detailed shaded work with mandalas and mehndi styles and also dotwork . Lou thrives when creating beautiful intricate delicate designs and people travel far and wide for her specialist style 

Introducing India


our new junior artist - bio to follow 

breast cancer scarring coverup tattoo

Breast Cancer Care

New in 2018, we are proud to support those who have survived breat cancer

We are offering free tattooing for ladies who have had the all clear from the doctor, helping to cover any residual scaring.  

A service to our female warriors!

All we ask is that you make a £50 donation to help Fundraising for Breast Cancer Research

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warming up the homeless logo

Warming Up The Homeless

Inkscape held a charity tattoo day with a 13 hour marathon of back to back tattooing.

With the proceeds, we bought a range of essential items including waterproofs, sleeping bags, rucksacks, tents etc which, working with the charity were distrubuted by Inkscape's staff to homeless people in Eastbourne Bexhill and Hastings along with hot food, drinks and other neccessities.

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project semi colon offical logo

Project Semicolon

Since it's launch in 2013, Project semicolon, a worldwide organization dedicated to the prevention of suicide has helped over 5 million people.

Here at Inkscape, we are great supporters and believers in the mission of this organisation.

We welcome you to our studio to get your semicolon tattoo or cover up scarring from self harming  

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"I am honoured to be a tattooist and love my job so much I regularly do events so I can give back to the community I am proud to be a part of"

Lou Krystahl 2018