Care of your new tattoo

Looking after your new tattoo!


Your tattoo artist will cover your tattoo with cling film. This is to stop dirt, germs and air coming into contact with your new tattoo on your journey home. You should keep the tattoo covered with cling film for approximately 1 hour, after which it can be removed.

When you remove the cling film the tattoo will appear to be “slimy” in appearance. This is in fact an extra layer of platelets excreted from your body to protect this new “wound”. It just needs to be cleaned off with a clean damp tissue and a thin layer of Tattoo Aftercare cream to be applied.

Aftercare products specially formulated for the healing of tattoos are recommended to use and will be given to you by your Artist. 

From there on keeping your Tattoo dry and creamed regularly 3/4 times a day will keep the scabbing to a minimum. You may notice light dusty skin flaking off or a very light scabbing.

Do not pick your tattoo while its healing as this will damage your tattoo, it will lose pigment and may scar.

Sometimes the tattoo becomes itchy this is normal and only usually lasts for a couple of days…Rubbing and picking the tattoo will not only ruin the design, it will also scar your skin

To ensure the best healing of your tattoo do not soak or get it wet for the first week.

Please refrain from going swimming as it is not advised to do so until the tattoo has completely healed (10-14 days). This is to ensure that nothing in the water will come into contact with your new artwork, as this can cause infections and other implications.

After careful bathing, pat the area and allow to dry. A good idea is to wrap the area if possible with cling film while showering for the first week to keep it as dry as possible and help you to wash a bit easier.

Important points to remember when caring for your new Tattoo:

Avoid exposing your Tattoo to sun or sun-beds whilst it is healing.

Be aware that Tattoos can become infected. Avoid getting anything dirty on your tattoo while it is healing. Pets can cover your Tattoo in hair, saliva etc so ensure your new Tattoo is covered before handling any animals. If your Tattoo does become dirty, wash it immediately with antibacterial soap, pat dry and apply the aftercare cream.

Vaseline should be avoided, as this restricts air from reaching the tattoo. Other harmful astringents and antiseptics such as TCP, Dettol and perfumed lotions should be avoided. Sudocreme is also inadvisable, as this is not easily absorbed into the skin.

A tattoo can take 1-2 months to completely heal. Although the scabbing will disappear (with proper aftercare) within a couple of weeks, the Tattoo may still appear slightly faint, or the skin may appear shiny and taut for up to a month after. Keep applying your aftercare cream at least twice a day until the skin has fully healed. Creaming the tattoo can keep them looking healthy long after the tattoo has healed.

Sometimes people have allergic reactions to the pigments in certain colors and occasionally people can have sensitives they were not aware of. If you have any issues with your tattoo you should contact us straight away and we can advise you further.

So don’t forget the important steps and enjoy your new Tattoo.