About Us

Inkscape is an all female run studio set in Bexhill on Sea. The studio creates a relaxing atmosphere where the walls are adorned with beautiful hand painted artwork and sparkling and glistening with jewels. We have two artists, Lou Lou who is the owner of Inkscape, and India who is our apprentice.

With a creative and artistic background, an interest in tattooing seemed a natural progression for Lou. Moving away from canvas and paint to skin and needles, and putting to use the years of creativity Lou began the process of learning how to tattoo. Seeking advice from London Tattoo studios who were pioneers of the dotwork technique. In 2014 Lou made the brave and bold decision to open her own studio. Inkscape is the result of that endeavour.

Since opening, Inkscape have gained a great reputation for customer service. Many of the tattoo styles on offer here are fine line detailed shaded work with mandalas and mehndi styles and also dotwork. Lou thrives when creating beautiful intricate delicate designs and people travel far and wide for her specialist style.

You can see a gallery of Lou Lou’s work on her own page here

Hey, I’m India 🌺 I started my journey in tattooing, July 2018. I’ve always loved art growing up but never really known what to do with myself. Once the opportunity arised, I was excited to start learning with Lou Lou ♥️

I started with offering small hand-poked tattoos, as well as practicing on myself. Over time this has progressed to machine work, but I still love doing more delicate hand-poked work.

I love trying out anything, particularly animal, dinosaur and nerdy designs.

You can see some more of my work by visiting my own page here!