Inkscape Tattoo Studio

An all female tattoo studio in the South East of England

Dotwork & Geometric Designs

Dotwork and geometric designs are our speciality.

Geometric tattoos have been around since ancient times when the wearer had them as a means to protect them self and to symbolize a spiritual connection. Some cultures believe that when geometric tattoos are worn on certain parts of the body it can help heal and restore balance to that person.

A geometric tattoo uses shapes and patterns often found in nature, a smaller pattern repeats and comes together to form an even bigger shape. Most geometric tattoos are complex designs incorporation dots, shapes and shading. Most often, tattoo artists use black ink to create these types of tattoos, but there is no strict pattern for artists to follow allowing tattoo artists to have creative free range to interpret sacred geometry designs as they see fit.

Are you interested in getting a Sacred Geometry Tattoo?

Here at Inkscape, we specialize in dotwork and geometric designs. We welcome walk-ins for consultations and small tattoos but do always advise to call or book in advance to save disappointment. Contact us and let us know your idea!