Charities & Communities

"I am honoured to be a tattooist and love my job so much I regularly do events so I can give back to the community I am proud to be a part of"
Lou at Inkscape, Bexhill
Lou Krystahl
Tattooist and owner of Inkscape

Breast Cancer Care

New in 2018, we are proud to support those who have survived breast cancer. We are offering free tattooing for ladies who have had the all clear from the doctor, helping to cover any residual scaring. A service to our female warriors! All we ask is that you make a £50 donation to help fundraising for Breast Cancer Research.

Warming up the Homeless

Helping The Homeless

Inkscape held a charity tattoo day with a 13 hour marathon of back to back tattooing. With the proceeds, we bought a range of essential items including waterproofs, sleeping bags, rucksacks, tents etc which, working with the charity were distrubuted by Inkscape's staff to homeless people in Eastbourne Bexhill and Hastings along with hot food, drinks and other neccessities.

Project Semicolon

Project Semicolon

New in 2018, we are proud to support those who have survived breat cancer Since it's launch in 2013, Project semicolon, a worldwide organization dedicated to the prevention of suicide has helped over 5 million people. Here at Inkscape, we are great supporters and believers in the mission of this organisation. We welcome you to our studio to get your semicolon tattoo or cover up scarring from self harming.

2016 Local Newspaper Clipping